ELP Television

ELP Television

The renegade television network offering the Ashtabula area public domain and Creative Commons-licensed content from the Internet Archive in addition to locally produced shows.

Making Films That Teach 2021/11/12, 07:00
Making Films That Teach

An educational film about making educational films. In an age where everybody can post video online there is a need for good instructional video content. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

African Americans in World War II: Legacy of Patriotism and Valor 2021/11/11, 07:00
African Americans in World War II: Legacy of Patriotism and Valor

In honor of Veterans Day we are posting early a history film from the Department of the Army. This film relates the African American experience in World War II and how things changed in the US Army at the time. We have to acknowledge our history, warts and all, as we march bravely into the future. If we do not we are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

This Island Called Wallops 2021/11/10, 07:00
This Island Called Wallops

NASA history file film about its Wallops Island launch facility. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

First Spaceship on Venus 2021/11/07, 06:00
First Spaceship on Venus

A film from the wrong side of the Iron Curtain painting quite a view of space exploration. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women 2021/11/06, 06:00
Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women

A reworking of the Soviet film Planeta Bur. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

Using the Bank 2021/11/05, 06:00
Using the Bank

A look at relatively ancient banking practices from the middle of the 20th century. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

Shake Hands With Danger 2021/11/04, 06:00
Shake Hands With Danger

Marked EXPLICIT due to simulated construction site and workplace accidents and simulated gore. This is a 1970s training film produced for Caterpillar Tractor Company with quite the guitar track showing what not to do on a job site. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

Communism 2021/11/03, 06:00

The nice people at Coronet Films teach us about Communism from a 1950s perspective <br><br>Show Notes Available at

The Responsibilities of American Citizenship 2021/11/02, 06:00
The Responsibilities of American Citizenship

We sample Cold War propaganda. <br><br>Show Notes Available at

Despotism 2021/11/01, 06:00

We begin November by learning about despotism. <br><br>Show Notes Available at