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  • & Spirit - Spiritual Wellness Space - Podcast
    Create Energy Balance. Strive for Spiritual Growth. Cultivate Holistic Beauty.
    Last updated: 3 weeks ago
  • Paranormal Skeptic Academy Videos
    Video version of the the podcast
    Last updated: 54 weeks ago
  • What If?
    These teachings give a compressed view of creation and evolution to help us gain a total look at the human experience. They will open our minds as to other forms of life on other planets. We are not ...
    Last updated: 56 weeks ago
  • Bram Joosten's Podcast
    Last updated: 216 weeks ago
  • Being immune to negativity
    Learn how to stay centered in yourheart which is the strongestforce of the universe. If you canstay centered in love then youcan always remain positive,happy and peaceful.My message to the world ...
    Last updated: 189 weeks ago