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  • The Teaching Doctors
    In the initial articles of incorporation of APMI, a major emphasis on the education of physicians, nurses, allied healthcare workers and our patients was made. This commitment continues unabated ...
    Last updated: 130 weeks ago
  • Uro Care - Oncologia e câncer de próstata
    Dr. Bruno Benigno é um cirurgião urologista especializado no tratamento do câncer.Atua em um dos maiores centros de excelência na América Latina.Tem como objetivo neste canal, difundir ...
    Last updated: 142 semanas
  • Ricardo Santiago Gomez's Podcast
    Last updated: 133 semanas
  • Obstetric HDU Leeds
    The Obstetric HDU course at Leeds has been set up primarily to provide teaching on diseases commonly encountered in the Obstetric HDU; the basic pathophysiology, the signs and symptoms, the medical ...
    Last updated: 142 weeks ago