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  • Sealaska Heritage Institute Tlingit Language Video ...
    This language podcast is dedicated to supporting language learners, teachers, and speakers. It was produced by Sealaska Heritage Institute—a regional, Native nonprofit serving the Tlingit, Haida ...
    Last updated: 205 weeks ago
  • Apple obaka
    It introduces the material for the teaching material making. It is a material in first Japanese and Japanese culture introductions. (material for a variety of studying Japanese teaching materials ...
    Last updated: 221 weeks ago
  • English (2de graad, 2de jaar)
    All the screencasts concerning English in the 2nd year of the 2nd grade of secondary school end up in ...
    Last updated: 220 weeks ago
  • English on YouTube
    This podcast cares publish videos that teach English from YouTube.
    Last updated: 50 weeks ago
  • Japanese Videocast
    Learn Japanese from popular TV shows that people in Japan have also watched. Familiarize yourself with popular culture. Get more lesson notes, analysis, and discussion at ...
    Last updated: 45 weeks ago