Kingdom Culture - Episode 3 - With David & Narelle Crabtree

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Kingdom Culture video podcast from Dayspring Church, Castle Hill, Australia.

Kingdom Culture - Episode 5 - With Adam Smallcombe 2019/09/11, 11:00
Kingdom Culture - Episode 5 - With Adam Smallcombe

Pastor Adam Smallcombe is lead pastor of Vive Church, a church he and his wife Keira planted 7 years ago in the Silicon Valley and has now spread across the globe in 10 different locations. Motorcycle enthusiast, coffee connoisseur, and avid crossfit-er, Pastor Adam believes in living life to the fullest because that is God’s intention for us. As a youth, God ignited a passion in him to be a builder of the Kingdom of God here on earth. While studying at C3 Bible College and Alphacrusis College, he built a Youth Ministry in Newcastle from a handful of youth to hundreds passionately pursuing Jesus. Pastor Adam is a sought after speaker locally and globally, having spoken at conferences, events, and leadership workshops. His communication and pastoring style can be characterized by his humor and relentless determination to build people and pull out all God has for them.

Kingdom Culture - Episode 4 - With Shawn Bolz 2019/07/09, 11:00
Kingdom Culture - Episode 4 - With Shawn Bolz

Shawn is an author, a TV host (see him on season four of Dreams & Mysteries on Daystar!) spiritual adviser, producer, and minister. He is passionate about seeing individuals and groups learn how to be the most connected, best version of themselves through their relationship with God. Shawn has been a pioneer in ministry, including the prophetic movement, since he was in his teens. His focus on having a genuine relationship with God, creativity through entertainment & social justice have brought him around the world to meet with churches, CEO's, entertainers, and world leaders. Shawn lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Cherie and daughters, Harper and Hartley. He is an author of several books including best selling Translating God & Keys to Heaven's Economy.

Kingdom Culture - Episode 3 - With David & Narelle Crabtree 2019/06/05, 11:00
Kingdom Culture - Episode 3 - With David & Narelle Crabtree

David & Narelle Crabtree are the founding pastors of Dayspring Church. In 2017 they transitioned into a new role of being ‘parents’ to a younger generation of leaders who took over the leadership at Dayspring. In this new role they remain closely connected to Dayspring and also actively travel as mentors and teachers to many churches in Australia, the USA and SE Asia. Both David and Narelle have giftings of leadership and teaching and have been very active in that role at DaySpring and have also been in demand to speak at churches and conferences here in Australia and overseas.

Kingdom Culture - Episode 2 - With Eric & Candace Johnson 2019/04/24, 11:00
Kingdom Culture - Episode 2 - With Eric & Candace Johnson

Eric & Candace Johnson, senior leaders of Bethel Church, join us for our next episode of Kingdom Culture. Eric and Candace have a passion to see transformation take place in the lives of people, cities and nations. They are seeing amazing transformation take place not just at Bethel but in the city of Redding. Join us as we talk about what it looks like to create and sustain a culture of revival and family.

Kingdom Culture - Episode 1 2019/03/22, 09:00
Kingdom Culture - Episode 1

Kayle Mumby joins us for our first episode of Kingdom Culture. <br><br>Kayle’s passion is to help people realise they can actually walk with God. He carries a unique prophetic gifting and uses his gift to lead people into authentic encounters with the Lord, knowing that if we get even just one glimpse of Him we will be hooked for life. Kayle has a huge value for a down to earth approach in walking with the Lord through a life uniquely marked with the supernatural.<br><br>In this episode we unpack what the prophetic looks like and how it works in a Kingdom Culture.